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In addition to the translation of texts and documents, our specialists perform consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, notarize and legalize documents, and transcribe video, audio, and hand-written materials.

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In addition to translation of texts and documents, our specialists perform consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, notarise and legalise documents, transcribe video, audio, and hand-written materials.

Onsite Interpretation

Elmura can assist you with the best on-site interpretation to ensure your needs are fully understood. Our primary goal is to use professional linguistics to obtain accurate solutions at the right moment.

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Video Interpretation

Our service provides computer-based interpreters in more than 90 languages ​​and dialects. Video remote calling enables real-time communication and provides easy connectivity for customers with limited time or busy schedules.

Phone Interpretation

Expert interpreters and exceptional customer service are available 24/7, including holidays. Our professional interpreters ensure accurate communication and translation.

Sign Language Interpretation

Video and on-site ASL interpretation services for your client claims. Our interpreters are certified and have many years of experience. In on-site ASL, we arrange with the facilities so that there is a suitable place for on-site interpreting. Video ASL equips our interpreters with the necessary equipment and high-performance internet connections to ensure effective communication.

Document Translation

Elmura Linguistics understands the importance of today’s demand for material translation. We provide high-quality document translations to reduce the uncertainty of language barriers, with guarantees and confidentiality. Our team translates legal documents, business documents, medical materials, scripts, and many more. We also provide notary services as well!
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Localization helps you effectively understand the culture, expressions, technical expressions, graphics, idioms of your market. Elmura offers you the opportunity to localize your business’ content, product, or service to the right audience.

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